Membership & Benefits

Dear friends 

Many thanks for your interest in becoming an associate of the Marbella Ladies Golfing Association. 

We have wonderful connections with local golf training centres and we can offer sessions at the ranges and on the actual courses with an instructor. 

We will offer monthly medals, normally sponsored by one of the friends of Marbella Ladies Golf Association. These will take place at different locations so that we become more experienced through playing different golf courses and enjoying lunch together afterwards. 

We will aim to meet at least twice a week and we will try to have inter-club friendly competitions whenever possible. In addition associates will have each members details allowing you to arrange to play whenever it suits. 

We will be arranging a social programme. Member’s suggestions are encouraged so please put forward any ideas and we will endeavour to provide this for you. 

There is no membership fee; an annual 25 Euro contribution to help with administration costs is requested.  

The Association Polo Shirt can be purchased at 25 Euros.

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