"Yellow Ball" or “Pink Ball” or “Pink Lady”

Definition: Yellow Ball (a k a Pink Ball, Pink Lady, Lone Ranger or Money Ball) is a game for 4-person teams that puts the onus on one player per hole to come through for the team. 

Each group of four players in a scramble has a yellow ball (or pink, or a white ball that has been marked) that rotates among players. For example, Player A uses it on the first hole, B on the second, C on the third, D on the fourth, then back to A on the fifth and so on. 

In this game, two scores per hole are added together for the team score. Here's the catch: One of those two scores must be from the player with the yellow ball. So on each hole, the team score will be the score of the player with the yellow ball, plus the lowest score of the other three players on the team. 

Does the ball actually have to be yellow? Of course not, but the ball should be marked in some way to designate it as "the" ball.

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